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    The Advantages of the BluZEBRA Backup and Disaster Recovery Program

    Last updated 10 months ago

    It is virtually impossible to run a business these days without an information technology infrastructure. However, this also means that large and small companies can become crippled by a hard drive failure or large storm. Thankfully, colocation and backup services can save your systems in the event of an emergency. These are just some of the advantages of the BluZEBRA backup and disaster recovery program:

    Peace of Mind

    The value of your business is often found in your intellectual property. The files, databases, client lists, and emails created by your staff are worth thousands of hours of work, so it is in your best interest to back them up. By contracting with a backup and disaster recovery company such as BluZEBRA, you can get peace of mind that your data will not be accidentally lost, deleted, or wiped.

    State of the Art Technology

    BluZEBRA servers and colocation facilities use some of the newest and most reliable servers, software, and hardware. We regularly patch our systems to rule out cyber security threats, and we pride ourselves in having very little down time. This ensures that your staff will have access to their data whenever and wherever they need it.

    Business Continuity

    In the event of a storm or natural disaster, you need to know that your records are protected and will not be destroyed. BluZEBRA servers can hold your most sensitive payroll, accounting, and client information in a safe and secure off-site location. In the event of a storm, we can restore your data and have your company systems up and running in a very short period of time.

    Backup and recovery plans are essential parts of IT planning for businesses of all sizes. If you do not yet have a data backup provider, look no further than BluZEBRA. We are a Seattle-based company that offers cloud storage, data recovery, and general data management consulting to business of all sizes. Call us today at (206) 388-1600 to book an appointment for an IT check-up.

    Understanding Your Data Backup Options

    Last updated 10 months ago

    For the last decade, businesses interested in backing up their data had to use removable storage devices and move the tapes off-site. This video explains new innovations in data backup and restores made possible by the cloud.

    In the analog world, data was written to tape that were manually moved to an off-site facility. Today, the combination of cloud storage and online software allows companies to create automatic backups and securely move the files to a specific storage space within the cloud. This entire process involves fewer man hours and increases overall data reliability. Watch  this video to learn more!

    Can your company use help with online backups and cloud storage? The skilled IT consulting team at BluZEBRA can offer advice and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our company has provided IT support for over twenty-five years, so we know how to provide excellent customer service and IT support. Call our office at (206) 388-1600 to schedule an appointment today.

    Our Managed Services Methodology

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Many businesses allot upwards of five percent of their total revenue to technological infrastructure. If your business pays a lot for data storage and systems management, you expect that the services you receive are satisfactory.

    BluZEBRA Technologies, a renowned Seattle-based IT management and consulting firm, bases its managed services on lean business and Six Sigma methodology. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with innovative and effective IT solutions that help boost profits and efficiency in the work place. After analyzing your existing systems in the context of your goals, we can design a network support plan that will lend stability to your business and help you optimize your systems to maximize profits.

    If you operate a business on or near the Puget Sound and are interested in learning more about the BluZEBRA Technologies managed services methodology, call (206) 388-1600 or contact us online. Together, we can improve productivity and boost sales of your goods or services.

    Understanding the Benefits of the BluZEBRA Help Desk

    Last updated 10 months ago

    BluZEBRA Technologies, a provider of the most advanced IT management and consulting services available, strives to give its clients all of the assistance they could possibly need. One advantage of entrusting us with the task of managing and improving your IT infrastructure is that you will gain access to our Help Desk. The services you will receive from the BluZEBRA Help Desk include:

    Server Management By hiring an IT solutions specialist to monitor and improve your computer systems and servers, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are running smoothly and your data is safe. We will regularly update your systems and back up all of your sensitive information in a safe, secure place. Since we are a proponent of cloud computing and will manage your networks and servers remotely, our services require none of our clients’ office space and very little of their time.

    IT Consulting You do not need a full-time IT expert in order to enjoy the most beneficial telecommunications equipment and data services. With the help of BluZEBRA Technologies’ IT consulting services, your physical IT infrastructure and network systems can be assessed and tweaked so that they serve your business optimally. Through IT planning and management, our consultants help clients deal with existing challenges and prepare for potential future challenges.

    24/7 Tech Support One of the most valuable services we provide is round-the-clock telephone and internet support. If a problem arises unexpectedly and you need our assistance, you can get it immediately. Through an online client support portal, we also make it easy for you to manage your account with us.

    Are you the chief executive at a company located in Seattle that is looking for a third-party provider of IT support and consulting solutions? To find out how you can gain access to BluZEBRA Technologies’ Help Desk services, call (206) 388-1600 or contact us online.

    Your Guide to the Consulting Services Offered by BluZEBRA Technologies

    Last updated 11 months ago

    An effective business consultant can help you optimize your business in ways that will boost efficiency, productivity, and sales in your workplace. If you choose wisely, you will also be able to improve your work environment and employee satisfaction as well. Some of the superior consulting services you can benefit from with the help of a LEAN business consulting professional such as Seattle-based BluZEBRA Technologies include:

    Network Assessment and Design For many modern companies, the efficient and secure operation of a company-wide network is essential to business success. BluZEBRA’s IT consultants examine existing networks, identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats and pinpointing ways in which gains from efficiency can be improved. Regardless of whether you use one system or several, your business can benefit from this consulting service.

    Business Process Optimization Another consulting services that has proven popular is our business process optimization. Using a model that is the result of years of successful experience, we identify and design production workflow techniques and methods that are specifically tailored to enhance the quality and efficiency of your business offerings.

    Project Management Are you working on a specific project that could benefit from some set of knowledge or skills that none of your employees possess? A project management consultant can fill this void and help you carry out the project in a highly organized and effective manner. The benefits of hiring a project management consultant will be reflected in your business performance results.

    If streamlining tech operations and boosting sales is your aim, BluZEBRA Technologies is a consulting name you can trust. Our LEAN business consulting services in Seattle are designed to help you tackle any challenges your business may face. To speak with an IT management and consulting specialist about our services, call us at (206) 388-1600.

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